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mosquitoes mosquitoes
Mosquitoes Mosquitoes are the most dangerous animal on earth and transmit a variety of diseases.
moths moths
Moths In the caterpillar stage, these insects can be devastating to your garden.
black flies black flies
Black Flies Black flies will bite just about anything that has blood.
horse & deer flies horse & deer flies
Horse &
Deer Flies
Horse and Deer Flies produce a painful bite to break through the skin of their victims.
No-See-Ums No-See-Ums
No-See-Ums Less than an 1/8-inch long, these small flying insects are often unseen before they bite you.
Sand Flies Sand Flies
Sand Flies Sand Flies are small biting insects that are commonly found along waterfronts.
Asian Lady Beetles Asian Lady Beetles
Asian Lady
Originally introduced as a pest-fighting measure, Asian Beetles quickly became overwhelming.
June Beetles June Beetles
June Beetles Often confused with Japanese Beetles, these bugs can cause considerable garden damage.
Yellow Jackets Yellow Jackets
Wasps and yellow jackets are extremely aggressive and can leave painful stings.
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