Tips for Success

Follow these tips for success to keep your system running at peak performance and protect your home and yard against mosquitoes and flying insects.

DynaTrap® Outdoor Placement

1. Locate Mosquito Breeding Areas
Place your DynaTrap® between insect breeding areas (standing water, bushes, etc.) and people areas (patio, deck, etc.) to capture mosquitoes before they get to you. Traps should be placed 3-6 feet off the ground for the best chance of mosquito contact.
2. Place Traps Away from People
Since these traps are designed to attract as many mosquitoes and insects as possible, the last thing you want to do is be near one when it’s operating. Place each trap at least 20-40 feet away from where people will be gathered. Also, place it away from competing light sources, so the attractant bulb can do its work.
3. Consider the Size of Your Property
How big is your yard? If you have a large yard, place multiple traps across your property to create a ring of defense that insects will have difficulty passing through. Place traps within the listed coverage area away from each other to avoid gaps in protection.

DynaTrap® Outdoor Maintenance

When to Start Your Trap When to Start Your Trap
For optimal mosquito protection, start your DynaTrap® at the very beginning of mosquito season before they begin breeding. We recommend you begin running your trap continuously once temperatures are consistently reaching 45 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature, dormant insect eggs begin hatching. Find out when to expect mosquito season in your region »
Empty the Trap Regularly Empty the Trap Regularly
Monitor your trap daily during the summer months to ensure there is enough catch space in the retaining cage. Emptying frequency depends on the time of year and where you live, typically every 1-3 weeks. Once the trap is close to full, remove the retaining cage and pour the insects into an outdoor trash bag.
Keep the Trap Clean Keep the Trap Clean
The retaining cage can be soaked in regular dish soap and water. Use the provided cleaning brush, a wet washcloth, or a cleaning wipe are recommended to dust off debris from the fan blades. To prolong the life of the unit, we recommend cleaning the trap whenever you empty it. Check out our videos for trap cleaning »
Replacing Your Bulbs Replacing Your Bulbs
DynaTrap® needs fresh bulbs to keep attracting the maximum number of insects. Bulb life varies depending on your trap model. Even if your bulbs still illuminate, they may no longer be emitting sufficient levels of UV light. If your trap has compatible replacement bulbs, always keep some on hand for quick replacement. Check out our videos for bulb replacement » Consult product manuals for replacement timing »

Using Lure

How to Atrakta® Lures Work?
Lure Sachets enhance your trap’s ability to attract insects, which maximizes its trapping power. Each lure imitates naturally occurring human skin scents that mosquitoes find irresistible.
How to use Atrakta® Lures
The sachets are designed to fit in any DynaTrap® Outdoor Trap. Simply open your trap and place a sachet in the bottom of the retaining cage. The lure will get to work immediately.
How often to Replace Atrakta® Lures?
We recommend replacing the lure every 60 days. The scent dissipates over time, so eventually mosquitoes will no longer be drawn to it. Regularly replacing the lure ensures optimal mosquito-attracting power.

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