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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What makes the Dynatrap® the best choice for controlling mosquitoes?

Dynatrap® Insect Traps set themselves apart with their unique features. The traps feature a UV light and emit a scent only noticeable to mosquitoes that attracts them to the trap using their natural instincts. These traps use a whisper-quiet fan to suck insects inside their holding container, where they are eliminated after 48 hours without the use of any zapping or poisons, making it the safe choice for homes when used as directed. The traps can be used constantly without having to worry about refilling propane tanks as you can simply plug it in and leave it to do the hard work for you.

How is Dynatrap® different than other products on the market?

Dynatrap® Insect Traps set themselves apart with their unique features. The traps feature a UV light and emit a scent only noticeable to mosquitoes that attracts them to the trap using their natural instincts. These traps use a whisper-quiet fan to suck insects inside their holding container, where they are eliminated after 48 hours without the use of any zapping or poisons, making it the safe choice for homes when used as directed. The traps can be used constantly without having to worry about refilling propane tanks as you can simply plug it in and leave it to do the hard work for you.

Is the Dynatrap® Noisy?

Not at all! All Dynatrap® Insect Traps are designed to be extremely quiet. The fan inside many traps produces a low hum similar to a computer fan that is no louder than a whisper.

How soon should my Dynatrap® begin to control mosquitoes and other flying insects?

Dynatrap® Insect Traps get to work for you immediately. Once plugged in and turned on, the traps will start attracting and eliminating insects. It will take up to 6 weeks to break the life cycle of the mosquito and the trap will gradually reduce the mosquito population on your property.

Can I use my Dynatrap® outside?

All of Dynatrap® Insect Traps labeled as "indoor/outdoor" are constructed of durable, all-weather materials that ensure they can be effective in both environments year-round when used as directed.

What attracts mosquitoes?

Carbon dioxide, the gas you emit each time you exhale, is the most universally recognized mosquito attractant. Body odors, heat, and light are all other common ways mosquitoes track down a person to bite. The Dynatrap® mimics all of these factors with its creation of carbon dioxide and the light and warmth the UV bulb emits.

What is the guarantee on the Dynatrap®?

Dynatrap® guarantees the product will be free from defective materials for the original purchaser. The warranty is limited to remedy any defective part for a period of one year from the original purchase date. Please keep your original receipt as proof of purchase and complete the product warranty registration form.

How long has Dynatrap® been on the market?

Dynatrap® originally debuted in May of 2006 with the DT1000 model and has proudly provided protection against pest insects to customers ever since.

How can I register my Dynatrap®?

You can register your trap on our site here.

Dynatrap® Questions


Does the Dynatrap® attract other insects besides mosquitoes?

The Dynatrap® attracts and eliminates many different pest insects including mosquitoes, biting flies, wasps, hornets, moths, stink bugs, and many more. For more information on which insects the traps do and do not attract, click here.

Does my Dynatrap® attract butterflies and honeybees/bumblebees?

No, the Dynatrap® will not attract or harm butterflies, honeybees, bumblebees, or other beneficial insects as they are not attracted to carbon dioxide. However, the traps will attract and trap yellowjackets, hornets, and wasps.

What about Box Elders and Stink Bugs? Does the Dynatrap® work for those too?

The Flylight Insect Trap line of products has shown significant results in trapping box elders while the Outdoor Insect Traps that emit carbon dioxide will trap stink bugs.

Does my Dynatrap® work on fleas, bed bugs or lice?

Dynatrap® Insect Traps are not effective against fleas, bed bugs, or lice.

How long will the insects stay alive in the retaining cage?

Once insects are trapped within the retaining cage, they will be eliminated within 24-48 hours due to dehydration. The time it takes will vary depending on the species.


How often do I need to empty the retaining cage?

How often you have to empty the retaining cage will depend on the time of year and where you live. On average, you may need to empty the retaining cage every 1-3 weeks, especially during warmer months when insects are more plentiful. For the best results, we recommend frequently cleaning your trap as it will prolong the life of the unit and provide a more efficient trapping experience.

How do I clean/empty the Dynatrap®?

To empty your Dynatrap, simply remove the retaining cage and place the contents in a garbage can. Refer to your Owner's Manual for cleaning instructions for your specific Dynatrap® model.

My Dynatrap® is not working--neither the fan nor the light comes on. What should I do?

First, verify the power source is working or try a different outlet. Second, ensure the trap is plugged in and the power switch is on. Lastly, locate the fuse underneath the top lid and make sure it is screwed in properly. If none of these solutions work and your trap is still under warranty, please contact our customer service department at 1-877-403-8727.

I can’t see the blueish glow/light coming from the bulb on my Dynatrap®. Is it on?

The UV light emitted from the bulb on your trap was designed to be visible to mosquitoes and less so to people. Even when the trap is operating normally, you may not notice much light at all. To see if your bulb is working, turn on your Dynatrap® in a dark room or outside at night and hold a piece of paper near the bulb. If you notice a soft blue glow, the bulb is functioning properly. If you do not see any light at all, it is time to change the bulb.

The motor on my DT2000XL/XLP is making a loud rattling noise. What should I do?

There is a nut attached to the top of the fan that may become loose over time. Tighten the nut firmly against the trap. If this does not solve the problem and your trap is under warranty, please contact our customer service team at 877-403-8727.

I have noticed a lot of buildup from my catch. How can I deep clean my retaining cage and fan?

The retaining cage can be removed from the trap and then soaked in regular dish soap and water. The fan blades can be cleaned of debris with the cleaning brush that comes with the trap, a wet washcloth, or a disinfecting wipe. For the best results your trap can provide, it is best to clean the trap each time you empty it to prevent dust and debris buildup.

Comparing Products

How much does it cost each month to operate the Dynatrap® Mosquito and Insect Trap 24/7?

The cost of operating your Dynatrap® Insect Trap per month is minimal, but it will vary depending on the wattage of your trap and the cost of electricity in your area. On average, a kilowatt hour costs $0.11 in the United States.

Most 1/2 Acre and Indoor Insect Traps have a wattage of 15-24 watts which costs approximately $1.25-$2.00 per month to operate these traps 24/7.

The 3/4 Acre and 1 Acre Insect Traps have a wattage between 34-48 watts and cost approximately $2.75-$3.85 per month if they are operated 24/7.

How is the DT2000XL different from other Dynatrap® models?

The DT2000XL is the largest model Dynatrap® offers. This model provides up to 1 acre of coverage, uses brighter bulbs, and operates with a more powerful fan to enhance the trapping power it can produce.

What is the difference between the DT2000XL and DT2000XLP?

Both the DT2000XL and DT2000XLP attract mosquitoes and other pest insects using UV light and carbon dioxide and operate using the same bulbs and power fan. The only differences are their slightly different appearance, the way they are wired, and the location of the damper flaps. Each trap is just as effective as the other, but they were constructed slightly differently.

Why are the bulbs in the XL/XLPs white while the other ½ acre model bulbs are blue?

The differences in color were based on design choices made by our product development team. There is no difference between the two colors as both are equally effective and emit UV light to attract mosquitoes.

What is the difference between the DT1775 and DT2000XL?

The only difference between the DT1775 and the DT2000XL are the bulbs. The DT2000XL uses two 6-watt bulbs while the DT1775 uses a light-enhancing 26-watt bulb.

What is the power rating/voltage of the Dynatrap®?

Most Dynatrap® Insect Traps feature a power rating of 120 volts. Two models, the Dynatrap® Ultralight Insect Trap and the DT1000-12V, feature a built-in 12-volt converter that uses a type A plug and can run on 120-220 volts. Please refer to each trap's Manual to find the exact voltage of your trap.

Placement & Installation

How many traps should I buy for around my house?

The number of traps you need is entirely dependent on the size of your home and property. Be sure to take notice of the coverage area of your traps and set them far enough apart so they cover as much of your property as possible while providing some overlap to ensure there are no breaks in your protection. In general, it is best to have at least one trap in your front yard, one in your backyard, and one inside.

When should I start using my Dynatrap®?

Mosquitoes typically hatch when the weather reaches over 45 degrees. We recommend setting up your Dynatrap® and turning it on as soon as the weather begins to warm up. This will ensure you eliminate mosquitoes as soon as they start buzzing around.

Where do I place my Dynatrap® Outdoor Insect Trap and when will it start working?

Dynatrap® Insect Traps should be place 20-40 feet away from your outdoor activity area as the trap will immediately attract insects towards it as soon as it is turned on.

Locate an area of high pest insect activity and place nearby to ensure your trap attracts as many mosquitoes as possible. Avoid placing the trap near sources of light as the supplemental light may compete with the efficiency of the trap to attract insects to the UV bulb.

Once you've found a suitable spot, place the trap 3-6 feet off the ground to ensure insects will be able to see it without having any obstructions. Once placed, the trap will immediately begin attracting and eliminating insects, although it may take up to 6 weeks to make a large impact on the population. For the best results, keep the trap turned on 24/7.

How do I install my Dynatrap®?

There is no installation required. Simply place your trap, plug it in, and turn it on.

How high off the ground should I place my Dynatrap®?

For the best results, Dynatrap® Insect Traps should be placed three to six feet off the ground as insects typically fly within this range. This can be accomplished by placing the trap on a table, hanging it from a hook or tree, or using a pole stand.

Should I leave the Dynatrap® plugged in all of the time?

Yes. The Dynatrap® Insect Traps only work to attract and eliminate mosquitoes and other insects when it is plugged in and turned on. For the best results, the trap should be left on 24 hours a day, seven days a week, except during cleaning. Dynatrap® Insect Traps reach maximum effectiveness after 6-8 weeks when the insect life cycle is broken. Once you stop using the trap, insects will be able to invade your property with ease.

I have a lot of bugs coming in my house from the garage. Can I use my Dynatrap® there?

Yes! Dynatraps® were designed to be versatile. Many of our customers have enjoyed the benefits of placing a trap in their garage. It provides an extra layer of protection between the inside of your home and the bugs that want to invade.


How do I know what my model number is?

The bottom of the box your trap came in, the silver label on the back of the trap or the inside of its lid, and the top, left-hand corner of the owner's manual will all clearly state the Dynatrap® model number. The number will start with the letters "DT" followed by three or four numbers.

My bulb started out glowing pink/red and then turned deep purple/blue, is this normal?

Yes, after a short warm up period, the fluorescent bulb will turn deep purple/blue and this is a normal occurrence.

Where is my on/off switch?

There are two types of switches on Dynatrap® Insect Traps. Some traps have a twist on/off design while others feature an on/off rocker switch. The twist on/off switch can be activated by gently twisting the top section of the trap. Models with the on/off rocker switch may look like a push button, but this is a weatherized cap. Toggle the switch, located under the hood of the unit, right or left to turn the trap on or off. The Dynatrap® Ultralight Insect Trap does not have an on/off switch so it must be unplugged to turn it off.

Can I use an attractant with my Dynatrap®?

Dynatrap® Insect Traps are designed to attract a variety of pest insects without the help of added attractants or lures. While it is not necessary for operation, adding an attractant can help increase the number of insects attracted to the trap. Atrakta Lures are recommended and will fit inside most traps.

How long is the electrical cord on Dynatrap® Insect Traps?

The cord size may vary depending on the Dynatrap model you've purchased. Most of our indoor traps feature a 7-foot long electrical cord while our outdoor traps have longer 10-foot cords.

What kind of extension cord can I use for my trap?

Any extension cord must be labeled with a tag stating it is "suitable for use with outdoor appliances" and have a gauge of either 14 or 16.

Can the Dynatrap® be plugged in using a grounded cord?

Yes. While Dynatrap® Insect Traps can be plugged into grounded outlets, they do not possess the third grounding contact, so it will not be "grounded" when plugged in.

I live outside of North America — is there a Dynatrap® Insect Trap that will work for me?

We do not have a specific distributor for outside North America. However, you can check your country’s Amazon site to see if our products are available.

I lost the screw for my retaining cage. How do I replace it?

The screw for the retaining cage is actually just an extra shipping precaution to keep the trap more secure during transport. The retaining cage will lock in place without the screw, so it is not necessary to replace it.

Flylight Questions

The card on my Flylight keeps falling out! What can I do to prevent that from happening?

Outlets are sometimes installed upside down or sideways for aesthetic and safety reasons. As a result, the glue card used in the Flylight series may fall out due to gravity. If this becomes an issue, try holding the glue card lengthwise and bending it slightly. The curve should help hold it in place.

How often do you have to change the glue board on my Dynatrap® Indoor Insect Trap?

We recommend changing the glue cards every 30 days or as needed. Monitor the traps frequently to determine whether the cards are filling up with insects and need to be replaced sooner.

Is the glue card safe around pets and children?

Yes, the glue cards are safe for use around kids and pets when used as directed.

Will my pet's or child's eyes be harmed if they stare at the light?

As with any light source, it is recommended not to stare into any lights for any period of time for your health and safety.

Can my indoor traps be used outdoors?

Indoor traps are not designed to be weather resistant like our outdoor traps, so it is best to keep them indoors where they will have the most impact. If you do bring them outdoors, ensure they are in a covered area where they will not get wet. Using an indoor trap outdoors will void the warranty.

Where should the Flylight Indoor Insect Trap be placed?

Locate the area in your home where you've noticed the most insect activity. For the best results, place your Flylight Insect Trap in the outlet nearest this activity. Relocate the trap as needed to ensure you eliminate as many insects as possible.

What is the power rating/voltage of the Flylight Insect Trap?

The Flylight Insect Trap uses a standard 120-volt outlet and uses a 9-watt UV bulb.

The AC outlets on the DT3019 and DT3039 are both less than or equal to 15 amps, which is optimal for most household electronics. The USB outlets on the DT3039 both charge at the standard 2.1 amps, making it great for charging cell phones.

Can the Flylight Indoor Insect Trap be placed near another light?

Flylight Insect Traps are capable of trapping bugs day and night. However, the soft glow the light emits is especially effective when there is little competing light, so it's best to avoid placing other lights directly next to it.

What do I do if the glue board is not sticky?

After 30 days glue boards will lose their stickiness and any bugs crawling or flying onto the surface will not stick effectively. If this happens, simply replace the glue board. If your glue boards are losing their stickiness before 30 days, you may have a defective glue board. If that is the case, please call our customer service team at 877-403-8727.

Can the Flylight be mounted sideways/upside down?

Yes, the Flylight Insect Trap can be mounted sideways or upside down for your convenience without losing its effectiveness. If the glue card falls out when the trap is mounted sideways or upside down, slightly bend the board to keep it firmly in the trap or fold over the top corner of the glue card to stop it from falling out.

Atrakta Questions

What does the Atraka sachet smell like?

The Atrakta sachets are designed to mimic the natural body odors of humans as many insects are highly attracted to this scent. Some may consider the odor unpleasant, however the traps should be set 20-40 feet away from activity areas so the smell may not be noticeable once placed in the trap.

Is the Atrakta poisonous or toxic?

When used as directed, the Atrakta sachets are not poisonous or toxic.

Can the Atrakta be used indoors?

Yes, the Atrakta sachets can be used indoors, however the scent mimics human body odor, so you may find its smell unpleasant.

How do I use the Atrakta lure?

There are several areas on your Dynatrap where you can place the Atrakta Lure. They can be placed inside the retaining cage where insects are collected, on top of the damper flaps, or adhered to the underside of the retaining cage. For your convenience, there is a small adhesive spot on the lure so it can be securely placed inside or outside of your trap. Each lure will last approximately 8 weeks.


What bulb do I need for my trap?

We try to keep things simple. Most of our traps use the same bulb if they have the same coverage area.

Consult your Owner's Manualto see which replacement bulb your trap requires.

Why did my fan stop working?

Dynatrap® Insect Traps are extremely effective at attracting and trapping insects inside the trap. As a result, you may find that insects occasionally gunk up your fan. A solution can be as simple as disassembling (after safely unplugging the trap) and cleaning the blades and housing. Although it happens rarely, the motor in the fan can stop working altogether. If you suspect this is the case and your trap is under warranty, please contact us here.

Where can I find the owner's manual?

If you have misplaced the original owner's manual that came with your Dynatrap® , you can find the Manual for your trap here anytime you need it.

Why am I not trapping anything?

There are several ways you can improve how many insects you trap.

  1. Make sure your trap is 20-40 feet away from the areas you spend time outdoors and 3 feet off of the ground.
  2. To ensure your trap is operating a peak capacity, make sure to change your bulb as needed. Bulb life varies depending on the model.
  3. Remove any other attractants that may be keeping pest insects away from your trap such as standing water or full gutters.
  4. To enhance the trapping power of your Dynatrap® you can also try adding an Atrakta® Lure.

Online Ordering

Online Order FAQs

How do I place an order online?

To order a product, visit its product page on our website, select your desired quantity and select the red ADD TO CART button. When a product is added to your cart, you will see a pop-up notification in your Shopping Cart on the top right-hand corner of your screen.

You will see the items, along with the number currently in your cart as well as the total cost of your current order before shipping is calculated. You may edit your cart from this view.

When you are ready to complete your purchase, click the PROCEED TO CHECKOUT from the cart.

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When you have successfully completed your order, an Order Confirmation screen appears. An email confirming the transaction will be sent to the email address that you provided during checkout.

How do I pay for my order?

Dynatrap's website currently accepts:

Credit Cards:

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Debit Cards:

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All transactions will be charged in U.S. dollars and offer 100% secure shopping.

Your credit card information is 100% secured by BrainTree™ in a PCI-compliant environment and all personal information is protected by a 128-bit SSL encryption from Comodo® ensuring a safe, identity-theft free transaction.

How do I track my order?

Dynatrap® allows you to easily track your package from our website. Head over to the Track Your Order page and enter the order number, the last name used on the order, your zip code, and your email address used to make the purchase. Click the red SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page and you will be taken to a page with your tracking information.

If you are having any issues locating this page or your order number, please reach out to our customer service team at 877-403-8727.

Am I able to cancel an order once it has been placed?

We are unable to cancel orders once they have been submitted on our site. Due to this, we recommend verifying all order information such as shipping address and quantities for accuracy prior to finalizing your purchase.

What if I do not receive my order within the estimated delivery time frame?

While this does not happen often, delays can be due to an entry error, an incorrect address, or shipping delays due to a carrier issue. If you have not received your order or a confirmation within 7 days from the estimated delivery date please contact our customer service team at 877-403-8727.

What do I do if my merchandise arrives broken or damaged from the carrier?

If you received your order and it suffered damage during shipping, refuse delivery if possible. If not, take a picture clearly showing the damage and call our customer care team for further assistance at 877-403-8727.

Why do "Next Day" or "2nd Day" deliveries sometimes take longer than that to arrive?

Orders sent via "Next Day Air" and "2nd Day Air" are delivered to you on the the next business day or 2nd business day from the day they are shipped. Orders are only shipped during business hours and will not be shipped over the weekend or on holidays. Carriers can only deliver during business days as well.

Placing your order late in the day or after shipping companies have picked up their last shipment may be a factor in the delayed shipping time. Due to the complex nature of some orders, it may take extra time to pack and ship than others.

As a general rule, you can expect next-day shipping orders to arrive within 2-3 days and second-day shipping orders to arrive within 3-4 days.

For more details, please visit our shipping information page.

Do I have to pay taxes for my order?

Yes. Dynatrap® collects sales tax for all online orders in the United States.

Why am I being told an item cannot be shipped to me?

Some items may not be eligible to ship to certain states due to EPA or PMRA regulations. If an item is regulated in your state, you will see a notice similar to the following on the product description page:

CANNOT ship to States:

While you can add the item to your cart, you will not be able to purchase it if the zip code you enter during checkout falls into a regulated state. If this occurs, you will receive an error message and the item will be automatically deleted from your cart when you proceed to checkout.

Privacy FAQs

Is my payment information secure?

Yes. Your information is secured through Braintree.

All payments made through our sites are processed by Braintree, a Level 1 PCI DSS payment gateway. Credit card data is routed through Braintree’s secure backend with modern encryption features. Your payment credentials are not processed or stored on our servers. For more details on how we keep your information safe, please visit our Privacy and Security page.

Is the info I enter in My Account secured?

Yes. Your account details are encrypted using Transport Layer Security (TLS) technology, the industry standard for protecting internet activity. Your payment credentials are not processed or stored on our servers. For more details on how our security measures prevent information theft, please visit our Privacy and Security page.

My Account FAQs

Why should I sign up for My Account?

Signing up for an account on our website makes your next shopping experience much easier and faster. You'll enjoy the luxury of a quick checkout, access to past orders, the ability to reorder, and the benefit of reward points that can give you discounts on future purchases.

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While an account is not necessary to make a purchase, it is designed to create a more satisfactory shopping experience for you.

How do I sign up for My Account?

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How do I create a Wish List?

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What if I created my account with an incorrect email address?

Your email address is your login ID, therefore your email address cannot be changed. If the email address you used to create your account is incorrect, you will need to create another account with the correct address.

Reviews & Installation

Can I review products on your site?

Absolutely! You have the ability to express your opinion on the products you've recently purchased to help us improve our products and let others know your experiences.

Products can be rated from 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent). The number of stars a product displays gives you a quick idea of that item's average consumer rating.

To enter a new review, click on "write a review" on that product's description page and answer a short survey. You will be asked for your email address to validate the legitimacy of your review.

If you experienced any issues with your order, our customer care team may try to contact you to help solve any problems you encountered.

Are all reviews published?

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible customer service so all reviews are carefully monitored by our customer service team to ensure all product reviews are useful to other customers.

We reserve the right to withhold publishing reviews that are inappropriate based on the following criteria:

  1. Contains advertisements or unrelated information.
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We may correct typos before publishing, but we never alter the meaning or focus of a review in any way.

How does use my review?

Our main goal for our reviews is to allow consumers to provide honest feedback that will help other consumers find the most appropriate product for their needs.

We also strive to ensure each customer is fully satisfied with their purchase. If we notice you've had any issues after reading your reviews, we may contact you to help find a solution.


Why should I sign up for the eNewsletter?

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Absolutely. You can opt out from all email communications at any time by clicking on the "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom of each email. If you have an account on our website, you can also log in to your account and unsubscribe. Note: You cannot opt out of receiving emails regarding order and shipping confirmation that occur after an order has been placed.

What if I changed my e-mail address or signed up with an incorrect e-mail address?

Your email address is used to identify you as an eNewsletter member and cannot be changed.

If the email you used to sign up for the eNewsletter is incorrect or has changed, you will need to sign up again with the correct email address.


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