The award-winning DYNATRAP® Insect and Mosquito Trap traps and kills mosquitos, moths, biting flies, wasps, and other flying insects without the use of pesticides or chemicals.

Safeguard your indoor and outdoor living space with the Dynatrap Insect and Mosquito Trap.

  • Protects up to 1 acre
  • Durable all-weather construction
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • No zapping or buzzing
  • No expensive attractant or propane required
  • Easy to set up
  • Indoor and outdoor models available
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  • I recently sent my Dynatrap in for repair. I was on vacation and when I returned, my Dynatrap was at my house. It looks like new. I have used a Dynatrap for years and it has worked like a charm. Thank you for your splendid service...

    James H., New Bern, NC

  • I use Dynatrap to free our deck and close backyard of mosquitos – and it REALLY WORKS! Hanging just under our deck, it is always turned on, and our deck is bug-free...I highly recommend this excellent product.

    John B., Raleigh, NC

  • Summer is a never ending event in Phoenix. We use the DynaTrap in our open air patio for mosquito management. I am not an Entomologist but DynaTrap collects an impressive amount of flying insects...

    Jay W., Phoenix, AZ

  • The Dynatrap DT2000XL is by far the best flying insect eliminator I have ever used. I noticed the difference within just a few days. Wish I had known about this sooner.

    RR B., Katy, TX

  • We live out in the country in SW Ireland. Beautiful country but insects and especially midges make being outside problematic. Using the Dynatrap DT2000XL improves the situation a lot. Now we can enjoy the morning and evening...

    David G., Kerry, Ireland

  • The Dynatrap DT1100 is a great product. It's reliable and lives up to every promise made in the company's advertising. More importantly, the company's customer service is the very best I've encountered in any field. I'd recommend this product to anyone. I'm a totally satisfied customer.

    Lloyd W., Ridgefield, CT

  • I got The Dynatrap DT1250 mosquito control lamp because my grandsons are 5 yrs. and 2 yrs. old and just want to be outside at our house as we have dirt, rocks, space to run, all the elements little boys like, but too many mosquitos! ...

    Kay B, Pearland, TX

  • I'm so grateful to my friend Mar Jennings for recommending the Dynatrap for management of the backyard bug population. This is the first year I've been able to sit outside throughout the day and night and not get bothered...

    Laura B., Columbus, OH

  • This is an incredible device. We had one for almost a year and it enabled us to sit out on our patio without any mosquitoes. Right before the warranty was up it malfunctioned. We called customer service and could not have been treated better if we owned the company...

    Daniel S., New Orleans, LA

  • I am very happy with our new Dynatrap. My Husband and I own three mosquito magnets, yes they do work, but we are constantly running to buy more tanks and the propellant. It is expensive and time consuming to maintain the machines...

    Shelly S., Barrington, IL

  • After trying other products in August 2008 I purchased a DT1000. It works, my DT1000 runs 24/7/365 as I live in Florida and it is always bug season. I have replaced a few parts over the six years and the service and cost has been excellent...

    Thomas P., Grant, FL

  • Our Dynatrap has changed our lives. We love our big yard with a full dozen mature, live oaks and are now able to be outside year 'round without getting eaten up by the mosquitos. Florida, or at least here in Central Florida, where we live, is serious mosquito country and it seems like no amount of spray helped...

    Daria B., Edgewater, FL

  • I have had a Dynatrap for eight or nine years. The only part I have had to replace is a light bulb. My wife is very allergic to bug bites. The trap works extremely well for mosquito's. I would high recommend the Dynatrap to take care of mosquitos.

    Larry S., Topeka, KS

  • Our family has been sing Dynatrap since May 2010 in our backyard. We have a lot of groundcover landscaping and were having a difficult time controlling mosquitos. With 2 small children, we wanted a permanent solution that did not involve the use of pesticides. The Dynatrap fit the bill! ...

    Melissa M., Poland, OH

  • We have enjoyed out Dynatrap Model DT1250 for over a year now and it has become an essential appliance by our pool area. We have had other insect traps in the past however the DynaTrap proves its worth everyday! ...

    David G., Bargarsville, IN

  • I now own 3 of the Dynatraps and have them hanging on trees around our pool. We live in Maryland where the weather is warm and humid...We have noticed a clear decrease in the mosquito population since we have been using them...

    Judith M., Bethesda, MD

  • The folks at Dynamic Solutions were incredibly responsive to a switch issue that I'd had with a new DynaTrap...Customer Service doesn't get better than this!

    Linda S., Houston, TX

  • Our children gave us our first Dynatrap for Christmas 2 years ago and I am so pleased with the results that we decided we needed a second one for our front porch. Since we have had the first one we have had no insect of any kind on our back patio. It is so pleasant to sit outside in the evening BUG FREE!!! ...

    Connie H., McKinney, TX

  • We have an open breezeway where our hot water heater is located. Due to the moisture, mosquitoes were unrelenting, until we got the Dynatrap 2000XL. We tried other options, but nothing seemed strong enough. I have used the Dynatrap for 1½ years and it has significantly decreased the number of mosquitoes...

    Catherine R., Miami, FL

  • So happy with my Dynatrap XL I ordered a second one.

    Joe P., St. James, NY

  • We purchased the DYNATRAPP DT1100BZ from Frontgate in 2013. We have used the unit non-stop for approximately one year to help trap mosquitos in our home. We are/were very impressed of how well the unit attracts all kinds of mosquitos. We highly recommend [it].

    Alan I., Del Mar, CA

  • I purchased my first Dynatrap in 2010, after using several Mosquito Magnet units over the course of 5 years...I tried Dynatrap and they work as good, if not better than the Mosquito Magnet at a fraction of the cost, and are very easy to operate. I am very pleased with this product.

    Sammy C., Folsom, CA

  • I work and live in an austere location and have tried all things to eliminate mosquitoes...I bought two (outside/inside) and love it! I leave them running all day—problem solved! ...

    Rico D., Manila, Philippines

  • ...I am VERY impressed and have already recommended this trap to family, friends, and neighbors. My DynaTrap has been through 3 severe thunderstorms and it still working great! The DynaTrap is a well-built product. You're welcome to come check mine out whenever you're in Walled Lake, Michigan! ...

    Robert G., Walled Lake, MI

  • ...We set it up immediately, and within 2 days we had literally thousands of mosquitos in it, along with some beetles and moths. Within 4 days our Entire pool area was mosquito free. This is probably the best investment we have made since we moved here.

    Will S., Hendersonvile, TN

  • My family and I just moved into a new house with a pond out back....standing water in Florida... The first thing I did was look for a spot to plug in my Dynatrap! It has worked so well for me at 3 different houses now. I always give it about 2 months and that's bugs. I love it!

    Corey B., Tampa, FL

  • We were extremely impressed with your product. It did exactly as advertised and then some. We have recommended it to several friends & family.

    William M., Lexington, SC

  • ...Your Ultralight may be saving my life. I'm an American working in Liberia, Africa, and I bought your trap for my bedroom because the net over my bed isn't quite enough...there is a one-to-one correlation between the effectiveness of your trap and the rate of malaria among those I know. Thanks.

    Chris R., Monrovia, Liberia, Africa

  • I can't thank you enough for gifting us a nearly bug-free lanai (porch) at our home in Maui...We've only had to clean the unit twice (mostly moths) and I've gotten 95% less mosquito bites since installation. I'm seriously grateful for this unit!

    Carly H., Makawao, HI

  • This thing is amazing. It works! It catches a LARGE VARIETY of insects, not just pesky mosquitos....The guarantee is true! It does exactly as advertised! No odors!! No regrets!!!!

    Nuncie, Sherwood, AR

  • Wow! 1 week and almost 2" of bugs caught in our DT1775. We love it! ...This product is amazing and your customer service is even better!

    Bryce C., Farmington, UT

  • I got the dynatrap and plugged it in and I’ve seen some difference in the bugs. I let it run and a few days later what a difference. Within 2 weeks I emptied the container and was surprised by all the dead bugs.

    Stephen Foster, Waterloo, NY

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