Setting Up Your Dynatrap Outdoor Insect Trap

Setting Up Your Dynatrap Outdoor Insect Trap

It seems like mosquitoes know the exact second you step outside of your home to enjoy the great outdoors. Nothing ruins a good time like a swarm of mosquitoes buzzing around you and your family or that one mosquito that somehow made it inside. That's where Dynatrap® Outdoor Traps come in. But where is the best spot to place them? How do they work? Do you need to check them constantly?

To answer these questions and more, we’ve compiled a guide to outdoor traps, so you can know exactly where to place them, how to use your them, and everything in between.

To battle not only mosquitoes but other nuisance insects, your property deserves powerful protection. Outdoor traps need to be durable enough to withstand all types of weather conditions while remaining effective and they need to provide adequate coverage. No more letting the buzzing, biting misery of flying insects disturb your time outdoors. Dynatrap® Outdoor Insect Traps attract, trap, and kill mosquitoes, flies, moths, gnats, wasps, yellow jackets, beetles, no-see-ums, and more, so you can take back your outdoor spaces. Plus, they are not designed to attract beneficial insects like honeybees or butterflies.

How Dynatrap Outdoor Insect Traps Work

Depending on the model you own, each trap provides 3-4 layers of protection against mosquitoes and more. Dynatrap® Outdoor Insect Traps use advanced technology to deliver unmatched control of flying insects. Here's how it works: an LED bulb generates UV rays that attract flying insects, day and night. As insects approach the device, a powerful fan pulls them into the catch basket. Once inside, a patented damper keeps them securely trapped until the time of disposal.

Choosing the Best Location for Outdoor Traps

It’s a common misconception that insect traps should be placed near where people will be gathered. Since these traps are designed to attract as many mosquitoes and other insects as possible, the last thing you want to do is be anywhere near one when it’s operating at peak power. For the best results, it’s recommended that you place each trap at least 20-40 feet away from where people will be sitting or standing and ideally place them near mosquito breeding grounds or areas where you’ve noticed signs of insect activity.

Having several units in place will provide optimal coverage and ensure minimal numbers of insects can pass through your defenses. Place multiple Dynatrap® Outdoor Insect Traps throughout your property to create a ring of defense they will have difficulty passing through. Be sure to take notice of the coverage area of each trap and place them within that range of each other.

For example, if your traps cover up to a ½ acre, you don’t want to place them more than ½ acre away from each other since that would provide an opening for flying insects to invade. Instead, place each trap just under the coverage area away from each other to avoid large gaps in protection.

Outdoor Trap Placement Options

There are so many ways to place a Dynatrap® Outdoor Insect Trap. Nearly all of the insect traps can be placed on a flat surface and their lightweight design makes them easy to transport wherever you need them. They can also be hung from a hook wherever you please, giving you even more freedom to customize your trap’s placement. Some Dynatrap® Outdoor Insect Traps models even come with a pole mount which provides even more placement options.

How Often Should Traps Be Emptied?

Outdoor traps tend to fill up more quickly than indoor traps since many more insects are flying around outside. Monitor your trap daily during the summer months to ensure there’s plenty of space in the catch basket for more. Once the trap gets close to full, it’s time to dispose of the insects. Simply open the catch basket and empty the insect into the trash.

You never know just how valuable something is until it’s not there when you truly need it. Having replacement bulbs on hand when you need them is essential, especially during peak insect season. Having extra bulbs ready to use means you never have to suffer through breaks in flying insect protection.

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