Dynatrap® Flylight Accessories Kit

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  • AtraktaGlo™ UV light effectively attracts mosquitoes and other insects
  • Replace bulbs every 3,000 hours or every 4 months for best results
  • StickyTech™ glue cards trap and hold insects until time of disposal
  • Replace glue boards when full or every 30 days for best results
  • Accessories kit for Flylight Insect Traps includes 3 AtraktaGlo™ UV Replacement Bulbs and a 2-pack of StickyTech™ Glue Cards
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Dynatrap® Flylight Accessories Kit

Keep your Flylight Insect Trap operating in tip-top shape with the Dynatrap® Flylight Accessories Kit. This convenient accessory kit is compatible with Flylight Traps and includes 3 AtraktaGlo™ UV Replacement Bulbs and a 2-pack of StickyTech™ Glue Cards. Fruit flies, biting flies, and other flying insects are naturally drawn towards light. The AtraktaGlo™ UV bulbs effectively attract insects to the trap, where they get stuck on the StickyTech™ glue cards.

For the best results, Flylight traps need fresh and powerful bulbs to keep attracting the maximum number of insects. It’s recommended that bulbs should be replaced every 3,000 hours of use or approximately every 4 months. This kit allows you to have spare bulbs on hand at all times to keep your trap running at full capacity. We recommend changing the glue cards every 30 days or as needed. When the glue card is full of insects or when dust or debris minimizes the card’s stickiness, it’s time for a fresh card. Simply pull the card out, dispose, and add a fresh glue card.

Model Number 230093
Weight 0.12 lb
Dimensions 8.7 × 4.3 × 0.3 in
Quantity 12 Glue Cards
Model Number 21050
Weight 0.45 lb
Dimensions 6 × 1.75 × 1.75 in
Quantity 3 Replacement Bulbs

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Get accessories from DynaTrap!
Dec 11, 2023
Get accessories from DynaTrap! I have ordered the replacement bulbs from Amazon and they don't last near as long as the ones I get from here. Everything works great, as usual. Any time there is a sale or free shipping, I order more.
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I purchased a plug in ...
Apr 15, 2023
I purchased a plug in unit at Menards and I love it! Our Menards no longer carries the refills, so I will order online. They work so well around plants and by entrance and exit doors. Great product!
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Verified Buyer
They work!
Apr 11, 2023
I bought these replacement bulbs after one of my bulbs wore out. I love these DynaTrap lights. I have 6 of them, and they collect so many flying bugs. I have many plants in my home, and they attract tiny fungus gnats. These Dynatrap lights are the only thing that gets rid of them. They also catch those annoying Daddy Longlegs bugs. The bulbs last a very long time, even running 24 hours a day. They look like nightlights, because the sticky bug part faces the wall.
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Verified Buyer
Amazing the amount of pests it catches.
Apr 4, 2023
Awesome product.
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Verified Buyer
bug catcher and night light
Mar 3, 2023
love these things, get the job done
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I needed a replacement bulb.
Feb 16, 2023
I needed a replacement bulb. I went to the hardware store and I bought a bulb that fit the fixture but it was too bright and was not the right type. I bought the multipack from Dynatrap and it came with 3 bulbs and 12 sticky traps. It was a great deal.
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Verified Buyer
Dec 12, 2022
This is the only product that performs to its expectations. Catches any bugs in the area.
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Verified Buyer
Dynatrap does the trick! Or might I say trap!
Nov 15, 2022
Love the Dynatrap Flying insect trap. In just a couple of days I had to change the glue card because it was completely full.
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Verified Buyer
Great value for reloading!
Sep 21, 2022
Accept no substitutes. This Dynatrap light works as advertised. House flies are easily drawn in and held fast as well as other little household pests that are so prominent in the south. So glad I bought this and the accessories kit was just what I needed to reload.
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Verified Buyer
Sep 6, 2022
It is nice having the components on hamd instead of trying to find on line.
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