How to Beautify Your Yard to Prevent Mosquitoes

How to Beautify Your Yard to Prevent Mosquitoes

Spring is here and, unfortunately, so are the mosquitoes. As the weather gets warmer, more and more of these buzzing, blood-sucking pests will find their way onto your property and maybe even into your home. Mosquitoes are notorious for causing itchy bumps and allergic reactions and spreading diseases like West Nile virus, Zika, malaria, and more. With so many around, the chances of getting bitten are high. As a result, you’ve probably been searching for an effective method to repel mosquitoes without making your yard look like a mosquito-repelling war zone.

Good news, there are lots of ways you can repel mosquitoes by simply using your backyard against them. Read on to learn more about how to turn your property into a beautiful and strategic haven for repelling mosquitoes.

What Attracts Mosquitoes?

Before we can dive into repelling mosquitoes it’s important to understand what attracts them to create a comprehensive strategy to eradicate them from your yard.

  • Water — Mosquitoes use water mainly as a breeding ground. Standing water in shady areas is especially appealing to them. Whether large or small, the amount of water does not matter, if they can use it, they will.
  • Heat & Humidity — Once temperatures start to increase above 45 degrees Fahrenheit, mosquitoes will emerge from overwintering or begin to hatch. Mosquitoes need warm, humid weather to thrive, so be watchful once spring arrives with this weather.
  • Carbon Dioxide — Mosquitoes can detect the scent of carbon dioxide that humans and animals exhale as they breathe. While we can’t smell this scent, mosquitoes can, and they find it irresistible. This helps the females, the only mosquito that bites, track their prey.
  • Shelter — The hottest part of the day is usually the driest. Since mosquitoes need moisture to survive, they tend to take shelter in plants or in wooded areas during the hottest part of the day.
  • Lactic Acid — Lactic acid is naturally produced by the human body as a result of exercise and sometimes digestion. This scent is odorless to humans, but it is another method mosquitoes use to track their next victim.

Landscaping to Prevent Mosquitoes

Making your property as unappealing to mosquitoes as possible is simple and effective when knowing exactly what mosquitoes are drawn to. When it comes down to it, your property is meant to be an escape for you. By using these tips, you can keep your yard beautiful and free of these insects.

  1. Eliminate Wet Spots
  2. One of the main things you can do is landscape your lawn to ensure no puddles remain for days on end, giving mosquitoes a chance to breed. Turn over or dispose of any container that could hold any amount of water. If this is not possible, you should at least regularly empty stagnant water. Eliminate standing water or puddles by adding a layer of stone, while covering it with topsoil, and reseeding if needed. These will not only help to reduce mosquito breeding grounds but will make your yard much more visually pleasing.

  3. Enhance Your Water Features
  4. If you have a pond decoration or any other water feature on your property, try adding a fountain, pump, or another device that moves water. This will prevent mosquitoes from laying their eggs. If the water is moving or flowing, the mosquitoes won’t lay eggs in it because the larvae won’t be able to swim.

  5. Add Some Wind
  6. Mosquitoes aren’t skillful fliers. They are delicate insects that have little wings and can be tossed around by the wind easily. To make your yard less attractive to mosquitoes, you can remove shrubbery, trees with heavy foliage, fences, or anything else that might be blocking wind. The more that the wind can blow across your property without being blocked, the more trouble mosquitoes will have flying in your yard.

    If you have a porch, you can implement a fan near high-traffic areas with human activity. This will act in the same way as wind, making it hard for mosquitoes to fly near this area. Not to mention, this can add a bonus of potentially cooling you off on those hot summer nights.

  7. Attract Mosquito Predators
  8. Another way that you can add to your backyard while keeping mosquitoes out, is by attracting their predators. Entice bats with bat boxes, as these animals feed on mosquitoes during the nighttime. Spiders are also predators that hunt mosquitoes, so be careful not to completely remove too many of their webs. Certain birds, like purple martins, also go after these bugs, so building them a special house can add another charming aspect to your yard that draws in beautiful visitors – all while eliminating the unwanted pests.

  9. Maintain Your Lawn
  10. Mowing the lawn is another way to counter the mosquitoes. During the day, mosquitoes will go into tall grass or weeds to avoid dehydration from the sun. Remember that these insects are tiny, so it’s they can hide in grass that’s 2 inches or higher.

Implementing Decorative Mosquito Traps

For best results combine our landscaping tips with a powerful trap! Don’t want an ugly mosquito trap? Dynatrap® provides as much style in the design of their traps as they do mosquito trapping power. Dynatrap® Outdoor Insect Traps can provide up to 1 acre of coverage against mosquitoes and more. These devices are easy to use - simply plug it in, turn it on, and leave it on 24/7 to effectively disrupt the mosquito breeding cycle.

Want to Learn More?

There are so many different ways that you can landscape your yard to help stop mosquitoes from ruining your time outdoors. Experiment with different tips and tricks until you find one that suits your taste in outdoor decor. Once you’ve got your yard landscaped and your defenses set up, share your pictures on our Facebook page! If you’re looking for exclusive deals, new product alerts, or updates in general, consider signing up for our e-newsletter.

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