Why Insects Are More Active in the Summer

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Humans aren't the only species taking advantage of the long days and warm weather...insects favor the summer too! Unfortunately, most insects are equally as fond of this season, and for a good reason too. Why exactly are insects more active during the summertime? Their reasons for loving the sunny weather are a little different than ours! Explore some of the main reasons in this article.

Insect Lifecycle

Some insects are only active during the warmer months and spend the rest of the year in a sort of hibernation state. Some of these commonly found insects that are active in the summer are:

  • Mosquitoes
  • Wasps & Yellow Jackets
  • Fruit Flies
  • Moths
  • Horse Flies
  • Deer Flies
  • And more!

What is it about these insects that make them more active in the summer? In certain cases, lifecycles have adapted to thrive during these months to prepare for breeding and survive through the winter. Most of the time, insect eggs hatch during the spring months, when there is a lot of moisture and the temperature starts to increase. After this, they quickly develop into adults looking for a new place to inhabit so that they can safely lay eggs at the end of the season.

Some species of insects remain dormant during their hibernation through the colder months. This means they must restock their nest and colonies during their active months, stocking up on food and other items to ensure their survival.

The temperature and seasonal weather can affect insect lifecycles. When you start noticing more mosquitoes at the beginning of the summer, it can be a result of a rainy spring/early summer. The more water sources that are available as the temperature increases, the more breeding sites are provided.

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For almost every species of creature, summer is the period of abundance; there is more food than ever available to scavenge. Flowers, fruit, vegetables, and other vegetation growing lush outside can provide the perfect meals for all sorts of insects.

As the greenery brings out smaller insects, these little insects become the perfect prey for larger, more predatory bugs. As more species become active, the food chain thrives with different levels of predators and prey enjoying mother nature.

Food isn’t the only thing of abundance – water is another source that provides the perfect environment for insects. It just so happens that the summer brings rainfall and humidity, providing both an essential need and potential breeding grounds.

insects in the summertime

Favorable Environment

Insects are cold-blooded creatures, which means they cannot regulate their body heat. Normally, whatever temperature it is outside will match the insect's body temperature. That’s why the summer temperatures draw out mosquitoes and other flying insects – when it is warm outside, insects have an easier time keeping their bodies warm and comfortable. With hot days and not-so-cool nights, long summer days can provide insects with the warmth they need for survival.

With the extra daylight hours, bugs aren’t just soaking up the heat from the sun. They stay busy during the extended daylight to search for food, build/fine habitats, and breed without the threat of nocturnal predators hunting them.

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