DynaShield® Maintenance: A Guide Keeping Your Space Protected

protect your home from insects

Using scent to repel mosquitoes and other insects is one of the most low-maintenance ways to keep your space free from pests. The DynaShield® Insect Repellent is a portable device that uses natural scents that mosquitoes find unpleasant to keep them away from you. This device can provide you with hours of outdoor protection when properly used and maintained. Here are some ways that you can be sure that your DynaShield® is working at its max capacity.

Replacing Scent Pads & Batteries

DynaShield® technology combines some of the most unpleasant smells to mosquitoes like lemongrass, spearmint, and rosemary, in the form of essential oils. This device fills the air with a summery scent from the mixture of oils that humans find enjoyable, but mosquitoes do not. When it comes to certain smells, mosquitoes can either be lured or repelled for many different reasons. Learn how scent repels mosquitoes in this article!

Part of keeping your Shield working its best is by regularly replacing the scent pads! After hours of use, the essential oils lose their strength – but there’s no need to worry. You can have many additional hours of protection with backup DynaShield® Repellent Pads. These Repellent Pads also last for 6 hours at a time – giving you continuous defense.

Changing DynaShield® Repellent Pads is simple! Keep your DynaShield® repelling to the max with these steps:

  1. Turn the device upside down and remove the battery cover.
  2. Remove the installed repellent card and discard.
  3. Open foil wrapper containing new repellent pad. Use the wrapper to hold the repellent pad and insert the repellent pad into the repellent holder.
  4. Replace the battery cover.
  5. Maintain a supply of backup repellent pads on hand to keep your DynaShield® running.

The DynaShield® is battery-powered to allow for portability and flexible placement across your property. You can move this repellent device to wherever you go – there aren’t any cords holding you back! DynaShield® can protect you, your family, and your friends for up to 45 hours continuously on two AA batteries.

Changing batteries on this device is just as simple as replacing repellent pads. First, the LED light will no longer light up when the power button is pressed to indicate that the device’s batteries need to be changed. Once the light stops working, it’s time to grab your extra batteries.

First, turn the device upside down and remove the battery cover. Remove the old, depleted batteries and discard them following local regulations. Then, place the new AA batteries in the compartment, making sure that you’re placing them in the correct orientation. Finally, replace the battery cover!

Your DynaShield® can provide you with hours of protection! Why not stock up for the season to make sure that you stay bite-free while you enjoy the outdoors?

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Storing Your DynaShield® & Troubleshooting Issues

Not in mosquito season? No problem. Part of making sure that your DynaShield® device makes it to the next season is by properly storing it away when you’re not using it. Be sure to secure this device in a well-ventilated place with containers closed. Store the device in the original container in a dry place that is inaccessible to children and pets.

Common troubleshooting issues often have an easier solution than you think. Here are some common issues and their quick solutions:

  • My LED light isn’t illuminating, and the fan isn’t spinning - This issue often relates to the AA batteries! Your batteries might be depleted, therefore not powering the device. Change batteries with the advice previously mentioned. Other causes could be that you installed the batteries incorrectly. Double check to make sure that the batteries are lined up with their polarity and facing the correct way.
  • The fan isn’t rotating – this can happen to your device if the fan blades are obstructed or blocked by debris. To clear debris, take out the batteries from the device and remove any debris causing the blockage with a vacuum or a blower.
  • The repellent pad scent is no longer present – If you cannot smell the summer scent of the essential oils, then it usually means that your repellent pad is depleted and needs to be replaced! Remember, they last up to 6 hours. After that, it’s recommended you install a new repellent pad for optimal protection!

Maintenance tips

Other Helpful Tips

Another way that you can enhance your DynaShield® experience is by combining devices! You can place multiple devices 20 feet apart to maximize your protection area and make sure that everyone in your space – no matter where they go – is covered!

Not only can you combine DynaShield® devices, but you can have them work with your DynaZap® or DynaTrap® too! The repellent device will push insects away from you and right to the zapper or trap –where they will be eliminated. Place your DynaTrap® or DynaZap® 20-40 ft away from high traffic areas to capture the mosquitoes that were repelled.

Keep in mind that you can bring the DynaShield® wherever you go. If you want to move around your yard to enjoy another part of your backyard oasis, be sure to take the Shield with you to maintain protection.

Using DynaShield® Technology to Your Advantage

Mosquito control doesn’t have to be obvious! DynaTrap® offers you discreet, sleek ways of making sure that your space stays insect-free. Disrupt the breeding cycle of mosquitoes while making sure they aren’t disrupting you while you’re enjoying your outdoor oasis. Tell us how DynaTrap® works for you in your own space on our Facebook Page. While you’re at it, stay up to date with the latest and greatest technology and advice by signing up for our E-Newsletter!


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