dynaZap - zap the life out of them dynaZap - zap the life out of them
zap the life
out of 'em
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Doomed Mosquito Ooops, the mosquito got zapped!
Kills on Contact: flying nuisance
insect pests
UV light and heatare used to attract
flying insects
Sleek, modern design complements any
outdoor space

How to use

find the spot

Find The
Sweet spot

Place 6ft off the ground
and 20 - 40ft away from activity areas
it's electric

It's Electric!
Boogie Woogie

Plug into an
electrical outlet or
an extension cord
increase kill rate

Bump those
Numbers up

Atrakta® can be used to increase kill rate

Build your Dynadefense®

Use a DynaShield® to push away bugs and drive them into your DynaZap® where they will meet their tiny little doom
build your defense
Push mosquitoes away and drive them into your DynaZap Trap
1 acre zapper 1.5 acre zapper
Features 1 Acre Zapper 1.5 Acre Zapper
Acres Covered 1 1.5
UV Bulbs Required 1 2
Kills Immediately
Attracts with Heat & Light

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