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24/7 Mosquito Protection

Dynatrap® 1/2 Acre LED
Mosquito & Insect Trap

01  |  Light lures insects

Lamp generates UV rays
to attract flying insects,
day and night

02  |  Fan pulls insects in

Fan draws insects into the
trap and a damper keeps
them there

03  | Easy insect disposal

Easily empty the catch
basket with just the touch
of a button

DT Glue Cards - Traps Insects

Attract more

with ATRAKTA® Mosquito

Increase catch
rates up to 60 DAYS!

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Dynatrap ®
Indoor Protection

  1. Dynatrap® Replacement Glue Card for LED Indoor Fly Trap
    Dynatrap® Replacement Glue Cards For LED Indoor Fly Trap
  2. Dynatrap® LED Indoor Fly Trap, white
    Dynatrap® LED Indoor Fly Trap - White
  3. Dynatrap® LED Indoor Fly Trap, black
    Dynatrap® LED Indoor Fly Trap - Black
  4. DynaTrap® StickyTech® Glue Boards – Refills for Indoor Fly & Insect Trap, Package front
    Stickytech™ Replacement Glue Cards For Dynatrap® Indoor Insect Trap

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