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DynaShield® Mosquito Repellent - Moss Green

DynaShield® Mosquito Repellent - Moss Green 23 4.4 5 1
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  • Repels mosquitoes using natural essential oils
  • Decorative design and moss green color to complement any outdoor décor
  • Portable & battery-operated for flexible placement
  • Safe to use around children and pets when used as directed
  • Device can operate up to 45 hours continuously on 2 x AA batteries
  • Repellent pads effective up to 6 hours each use
  • Includes DynaShield® device and 3 refill repellent pads
  • Refill repellent pads available (Part #DS1000R8R & #DS1000R20BG) | Shop »
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DynaShield® Mosquito Repellent

The DynaShield® Mosquito Repellent is a battery-powered, light-weight device that protects your outdoor space from mosquitoes while contributing to your outdoor décor. Using a blend of natural essential oils, DynaShield® gently fills the air with a pleasant summer scent that keeps mosquitoes away. Safe to use around pets and children when used as directed, this device can protect your family from mosquitoes continuously for up to 45 hours with a single set of batteries. The moss green finish and LED light allows this sleek device to blend seamlessly with your outdoor oasis.

DynaShield<sup>®</sup> Mosquito Repellent

How it Works

The DynaShield® Mosquito Repellent device can be placed anywhere in your yard where people are gathering. By using natural essential oils including lemongrass, spearmint, and rosemary, the device repels mosquitoes from the area. Plus, you’ll enjoy a natural and pleasant summer aroma! You can also combine devices by placing them 20 feet apart to maximize your protection area. For your convenience, the DynaShield® is battery-operated for portable placement. Each repellent pad lasts up to 6 hours each use and is safe to use around kids and pets when used as directed.

How it Works

Hours of Protection

The DynaShield® Mosquito Repellent device can provide up to 45 hours of continuous outdoor protection on one set of batteries! It’s best to replace the refill pads every 6 hours for the greatest efficacy. With 3 refill pads included with each device, you have a stock of up to 18 hours of protection on hand. You can also purchase additional refill pads as needed, so prepare for the season beforehand! Be sure to replace refill pad after each use. Device longevity can also depend on the type of AA batteries being used so for best results, use new, name brand batteries. The helpful LED light will alert you when the batteries need to be replaced by turning off.

Hours of Protection

Implement DynaDefense®

The DynaShield® Mosquito Repellent device can be used in conjunction with any Dynatrap® Mosquito & Insect Trap! Push mosquitoes away from high-traffic areas with the DynaShield®. The repellent device provides you with an extra layer of concentrated protection in the space where you need it most. Then, place your Dynatrap® 20-40’ away from those high-traffic areas to capture the mosquitoes that were repelled, eliminating them and keeping your yard protected 24/7. Using both devices ensures that you have everything you need to defend your outdoor oasis from mosquitoes!

Implement DynaDefense<sup>®</sup>
DynaShield® Mosquito Repellent - Moss Green
In Box Size 5.1" x 5.1" x 6.7", 1.3 lb
Out of Box Size 5" x 5" x 8.5", 1 lb
Color Moss Green

Active Ingredients: 61.62%

  • Lemongrass Oil: 30.78%
  • Spearmint Oil: 30.78%
  • Rosemary Oil: 0.06%

Inert Ingredients: 38.38%

Effective Against Mosquitoes

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Verified Buyer
Mar 30, 2022
Looks great Haven't used it yet !!
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No Bites, Easy To Use Anywhere
Nov 18, 2021
I’m a highly sensitive to mosquito bites so I’m always looking for a good, easy to use repellent. The DynaShield is great because it uses batteries so can be moved anywhere. The unit is silent and the repellent pad has a very faint scent that doesn’t overwhelm when eating or just sitting nearby. It’s also small and fairly attractive. So, no bites after using for two weeks!
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Attractive Mosquito Repellent Device
Nov 18, 2021
The DynaShield Mosquito Repellent Device is very attractive and stylish sitting on the patio table in the backyard. It comes with a step by step instruction pamphlet that is well written and easy to understand. It does require 2 batteries so no need to have a cord where someone could trip. The repellent is made of natural essential oils (no messy sprays, body lotions, smelly candle odor and its chemical free) on a small felt pad that is inserted inside the device. It has a very pleasant aroma while the device is running. It's very compact, portable and lightweight.
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Use this Product - Today!
Nov 18, 2021
This product worked in the two outings I have used it at. It seems to work very well. My wife complains about the bites she gets before we went to this DynaShield Mosquito Repellent. Not any more! She loves it and asks about it all the time. Thanks, DynaTrap for catching and killing with the Mosquito Magnets and shielding us from all the rest of the biting bugs out there with this newer product the DynaShield Mosquito Repellent.
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Mosquito Proof
Nov 18, 2021
Aromatic mosquito repellents are not effective at preventing mosquitos in my area of North Texas. Most people in my area use a personally applied chemical repellent with Deet which is effective.
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Works in Some Situations
Nov 18, 2021
Dynashield was not as effective as hoped. We tried it several evenings while gathered on the back patio but saw no noticeable difference. While I believe that it did repel mosquitos that flew close to the product, it did little to help those sitting more than two or three feet away from it. We tried it several evenings, at different times, and nothing really changed. My daughter likes to keep her bedroom window cracked open a little in the evening. This allows mosquitos into the house. So we tried setting the repellant on the window sill to see if it would stop the buzzy little devils. I think it did help somewhat! It did indeed, seem to diminish their numbers that night, which was nice. In following this idea, my husband (out of desperation, because the biters seem to go after him the most) set the Dynashield on his desk while he worked in the evening. While it may have kept mosquitos away from his desk area, it did nothing to stop them from biting his legs, ankles and feet. In conclusion, I think that the Dynashield could be beneficial in keeping mosquitos away if one is able to sit very close to it. But I doubt it would be impactful on say, a camping trip, patio setting, on a boat, etc. Also, while the batteries did last quite a long time, their cost does not offset the little reprieve offered by the product.
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Mosquitos Got You Down ?
Nov 17, 2021
Help could be right around the corner. has a new device that works well to help control Mosquitos. I just used their small, battery operated unit on my covered patio and it made a real difference. I have a type of mosquito in my area that we call 'Ankle Biters'! They want to bite your feet first if they can, then hands are next choice. They really are a problem for our area. There was way less of the critters around after using one of the units on a very large patio. I will be purchasing a couple of more units and see if that makes my patio Mosquito Free? I think if you have a mosquito problem you might want to give this a try unit! Very easy to use, 2 double AA batteries last quite some time in the unit.
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Nov 17, 2021
Mosquito's can ruin a outdoor activity pretty quickly and this to me was a very effective way to help with that, I haven't found the perfect solution yet but this was a very easy to use option and will definitely be using again.
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Best mosquito repellent ever
Nov 17, 2021
Try this easy-to-use and very easy to set up mosquito repellent. Works great and is packaged attractively. Does a great job!!
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Simple to Use, and It Works!
Nov 17, 2021
For us, the DynaShield Mosquito Repellent device could make the difference between enjoying our deck and staying inside. The DynaShield unit is easy to use and works well at keeping mosquitoes away. The essential-oil pads smell quite nice, as an added bonus. The unit itself is sturdy and looks good, too. I love that it's natural and isn't a hazard to people, pets, or the beneficial insects I try to encourage on our property. Overall, I'm very pleased with the DynaShild Mosquito Repellent.
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