How Zappers & Shields Work Together

With the DynaShield® Mosquito Repellent working to repel mosquitoes and the DynaZap® working to eliminate them, these two insect control devices create top-tier protection for your yard when used together. DynaShield® can be placed outside wherever you want to repel mosquitoes, pushing them to your DynaZap® to eliminate them completely.

Dynashield repels Dynashield repels

DynaShield® Repels
mosquitoes and pushes
them toward your DynaZap®

Versatile and battery-powered, the DynaShield® Mosquito Repellent device uses a summery blend of natural essential oils to repel mosquitoes for up to 6 hours per repellent pad. Simply keep it near you whenever and wherever you spend time outside. By combining shields and placing them 60 ft away from each other, you can maximize the coverage area. This portable device is safe to use around your kids and pets. While the DynaShield® pushes the mosquitoes away from you, the DynaZap® will pull them in.

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Dynazap attracts Dynazap attracts

DynaZap® Attracts
mosquitoes toward an
unoccupied area, and
traps them for good!

The DynaZap® uses UV light to draw mosquitoes into the device. Factor in the additional push from the DynaShield® and watch your catch increase! As flying insects and mosquitoes make their way towards the light and warmth of the zapper, they come in contact with the electric grid – getting zapped and eliminated on the spot.

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