Deer Repellent Kit

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Havahart® Deer Repellent Kit

The Havahart® Deer Repellent Kit incorporates the Critter Ridder® Deer and Rabbit Repellent RTU Spray as well as Critter Ridder® Deer Repelling Stations - 6 Pack to alleviate problems with deer around your property. The RTU Spray repels by scent and taste and covers up to 500 sq ft. The repelling stations, when applied once per season are a proven season-long deer protection!

Critter Ridder® Deer and Rabbit Repellent’s first layer of defense is putrescent egg, which repels by scent. To the animals, its odor imitates that of a decaying animal, and this warns them of nearby predator activity and causes them to forage elsewhere. The unique second layer is provided by the garlic and hot peppers, which repel by taste. The burning flavors of these ingredients make your plants inedible to the animals, causing them to seek food elsewhere. Critter Ridder® dries odorless to humans and is weather-resistant offering season-long control. Furthermore, Critter Ridder® is OMRI listed®, and USDA approved for use in organic gardening, so it is perfect for even the most eco-friendly gardening and landscaping regimens.

Deer Off® Deer Repellent contains 100% dried blood – which is odorless to humans, yet easily detectable by the heightened senses of deer. Dried blood is recognized as a leading deer repellent in university studies and field trials by the U.S. Department of Agriculture; its presence reminds deer of predator activity and triggers them to flee to escape potential danger. Deer Off®'s exterior has a discreet color that will blend into your yard. Place the repelling stations in your flower pots, tie them onto branches or fencing, or stake them into the ground throughout your garden with the included thin metal stakes. Place stations 4-6 feet apart throughout your protected area or as a perimeter treatment. One 6 pack covers up to 192 sq ft. The unique repellent housing allows you to place Deer Off® Repelling Stations virtually anywhere outdoors, because the active ingredient is secured safely inside. This means you can protect your vegetable gardens and other edible crops from deer without the repellent coming into contact with the leaves or fruit.

  • For use against deer
  • The long-lasting, dual action formula repels nuisance animals by both scent and taste but dries odorless to humans
  • Critter Ridder® Deer & Rabbit Repellent is a ready-to-use formula that uses putrescent egg and hot peppers to mimic dead animal scents and deter animals with unpleasant tastes
  • Safer® Brand Deer Off® Deer Repellent Stations use 100% dried blood to trigger flight mechanism in deer
Safer® Brand Critter Ridder® Deer & Rabbit Repellent Ready-to-Use - 32 oz
Model # 5981
Presentation Ready-to-Use
Coverage Area 500 sq ft
For Use Against
  • Deer
  • Rabbits
  • Squirrels
Size (Weight) 32 oz
Bottle Dimensions
  • Height: 11"
  • Diameter: 4"
Bottle Type Spray Bottle
  • One application lasts about 90 days
  • Weather-resistant
OMRI Listed® Yes



Safer® Brand Deer Off® Weatherproof Deer Repellent Stations - 6 Pack
Model # 5962
Number of Stations 6
Coverage Area 192 sq ft
For Use Against Deer
Stakes Included Yes
Station Height 2 inches
Station Diameter 2 inches
Active Ingredients Dried Blood
  • One station lasts all season
  • Weatherproof

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