When Are Mosquitoes Most Active?

When Are Mosquitoes Most Active?

Mosquitoes are flying, disease-carrying nuisances that always seem to find you whenever you step outside. To avoid diseases that mosquitoes carry and transmit, like yellow fever, West Nile Virus, and Zika virus so you can have the freedom to properly enjoy the outdoors, it’s essential to learn how to avoid mosquitoes

Avoiding the outdoors when mosquitoes are most active is generally a fantastic choice but isn’t always practical or possible. There’s also the issue of knowing exactly when mosquitoes will be most active so you can plan your activities accordingly. However, during the warmer months, you may encounter mosquitoes nearly everywhere you go.

To best avoid these flying pest insects, it is best to learn when the different species of mosquitoes are most active in your region, when mosquito seasons occur, and the specific times of day mosquito activity increases.

What Time of Day Are Mosquitoes Most Active?

With 176 different species of mosquitoes in the United States, each species is characterized by different activity levels, habits, and habitats. Some species prefer being more active during the day while others prefer dusk or dawn to buzz around. Mosquitoes in the United States tend to have higher activity levels during the hours before sunset. If you plan on enjoying the great outdoors during the evening, especially in wooded, shady areas near standing water, you will want to make sure you have extra protection on hand and ready to go to prevent insect bites.

Of the nearly 200 mosquito species, there are two that most commonly plague our homes and property, the Aedes aegypti (the Asian tiger mosquito) and the Culex pipiens (common house mosquito). The Asian tiger mosquito tends to bite more frequently during the day while the common house mosquito prefers to bite in the morning and late afternoon.

Luckily, all mosquitoes are less active during the hottest part of the day when the sun and heat are at their peak. Unfortunately, the conditions inside our homes give mosquitoes protection from the dehydrating effects of the sun that normally keep them in hiding until later in the day. Mosquitoes found inside the house seem to constantly be in search of someone to bite and stay active much longer than normal.

Are Mosquitoes Active At Night?

Many types of mosquitoes prefer to be active at dusk or in the evenings. Because they prefer warm, humid areas with easy access to water, they typically avoid the hottest and driest parts of the day when they could easily suffer from dehydration. During the day, you will most likely find mosquitoes in shaded or wet areas. Once dusk arrives, mosquitoes are typically very hungry from a lack of access to creatures to bite, making them more likely to come out of hiding right at dusk in a flurry of activity.

Once they have eaten their fill, mosquitoes will go into hiding to rest before dawn. Keeping mosquitoes out of your home is essential due to this activity schedule. Without protection against these flying pests, mosquitoes are likely to bite unsuspecting humans and pets throughout the night simply because you are an easy target.

What is Mosquito Season?

Mosquito season depends entirely on temperature. Once a region heats consistently above 45° F, mosquitoes will hatch or come out of hibernation in full force. Warmer areas may experience an influx of mosquitoes much sooner than cooler regions, so it’s important to keep an eye on the temperatures in your area to ensure you’re fully prepared. Once temperatures reach 80°F, mosquitoes will become a consistent problem.

Before you consider moving to cooler climates, there are plenty of ways you can prepare your home and property so mosquito season won’t be quite as awful.

  • Prepare Early — As soon as the temperature begins to heat up, clean up any debris or trash in your yard that could potentially hold any amount of water. Stock up on Dynatrap® Outdoor Insect Traps so you’ll be ready as soon as mosquito season hits.
  • Avoid Peak Mosquito Hours — Schedule your time outside accordingly to minimize the chances of getting bitten.
  • Prepare Your Home — Add screens or make repairs to existing screens on doors and windows. Any small opening could be an invitation for mosquitoes.
  • Travel Wisely — If you are planning to travel to an area known for mosquito-borne illnesses, consider visiting during the off-season to reduce the risk. Don’t forget to stay up to date on any essential vaccinations when traveling to further reduce your risk of contracting a disease.

Where Are Mosquitoes Most Active

Knowing when mosquitoes will be active is half the battle. Knowing where you are most likely to be bitten is also essential. While different mosquito species prefer different areas, most mosquitoes prefer shady, humid, and wet areas such as forests or anywhere that has access to standing water. It’s important to be aware of your surroundings so you can take extra precautions to minimize the risk of mosquito bites.

If your community is suffering from an outbreak of mosquito-borne illnesses, you are worried about contracting a disease while you’re ill, or if you react badly to mosquito bites, staying inside during peak mosquito hours may be the best option. However, unless there is a medical reason to do so, you do not need to change your schedule because of mosquitoes. Simply understanding when and where mosquitoes are most likely to become a nuisance and taking the proper precautions will reduce your risk of mosquito bites.

Dynatrap® offers insect traps that quickly and effectively eliminate mosquitoes, so you can enjoy the outdoors once again. Simply place traps where you’ve noticed insect activity for unmatched control of mosquitoes and more. The devices work by using light to attract flying insects, day and night. As insects approach the device, a powerful fan pulls them into the catch basket. Leave the traps on 24/7 to effectively disrupt the mosquito breeding cycle.

Need Help Battling Mosquitoes?

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