Setting Up Your Campsite to Avoid Mosquitoes

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Pitching your tent, gathering firewood for a campfire, making s’mores….and getting bug bites. Some camping traditions are fun to do with your family, while there are others that you’d most likely rather avoid. When you camp, you don’t have to be a meal for mosquitoes, left with itchy bites that follow you days, even after you’re back home. Learn how to set up your campsite to avoid mosquitoes and bites, here.

Picking Your Campsite

One of the most important things that will determine whether you’re likely to be bothered by mosquitoes or not is the location of your campsite. Typically, campers are looking for flat land, maybe with a great view to wake up to.

Before you pick the perfect spot though, there are a few things you should know about the types of habitats mosquitoes are drawn to. When camping, you should avoid going near the water. Mosquitoes lay eggs in water and usually stay close to bodies of water like ponds, lakes, swamps, or marshes. However, mosquitoes won’t lay eggs near or in moving water.

If you pick a spot out in the open, conditions could be in your favor if the winds pick up. With nothing blocking the wind from your campsite, then mosquitoes will have a hard time flying to you. These insects aren’t the most graceful flyers, so even in a little wind, they have trouble navigating and will often avoid flying around.

Although it might be hard to find a well-lit area that isn’t in the thick of the woods, it’s best to camp near light and away from the denser parts of the foliage. Mosquitoes thrive in shade and the darker spots of the forest where heavy vegetation can protect them from the heat of the sun as well as predators.

Tips When Setting Up Your Site

Once you’ve picked a spot for your campsite that helps prevent the mosquitoes from biting you, there are other ways that you can make your site as mosquito-free as possible.

Creating a campfire and keeping it going throughout your trip is a great way to keep these insects away. The smoke from the fire deters the mosquitoes, as it not only makes it hard to fly, but is unpleasant to them too.

Going hand-in-hand with the campfire, you can place little tiki torches safely around your site. This way, even if you don’t have a fire burning 24/7, you’re still getting a layer of protection from the smoke. Plus, it’s a great way to keep your campsite lit during the night before you hit the hay!

When you’re prepping for your camping meals, make sure not to depend on a propane grill – or don’t grill too close to your campsite with it. When you use propane to grill your food, it produces CO2. Mosquitoes are very attracted to CO2, so it’s best to find alternative cooking options or grill farther away from the site where you’ll be hanging out.

Don’t forget to bring your DynaTrap® ¼ Acre Insect Trap, a portable trap that will protect your site. Simply plug into a power outlet, and let the trap do the work for you. However, if your campsite doesn’t have any electricity, you can bring a DynaZap® Extendable Zapper to eliminate those insects that manage to make their way to your campsite. Another battery-powered portable device is the DynaShield®. This device uses a natural scent to repel mosquitoes away from you and your campsite.

Learn some more tips on how to avoid getting bitten by bugs when camping in this article.

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Bringing DynaTrap® Defense Wherever You Go

Don’t let your camping experience be ruined by annoying flying insects. It’s your camping trip, and here at DynaTrap®, we want to make sure your experience is as pest-free as possible. Tell us how you keep your campsite free from mosquitoes on our Facebook Page! Also, be sure to stay updated with our e-newsletter, where you can learn how to use DynaTrap® products to eliminate your flying pest problems in any space.

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