How to Keep Mosquitoes Out of Your RV and Tent

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Camping is a great escape from your everyday life to enjoy and immerse yourself in nature. Between hiking, building fires, and exploring the outdoors, at the end of the camping day you’re exhausted. The very last thing that you want to deal with is pesky mosquitoes in your RV or your tent bothering you when you’re trying to get your rest. Learn how to keep your camping spaces free from these insects with these tips!

Protecting Your RV

The best way that you can stop bugs from getting into your camper or RV in the first place is by inspecting cracks and making sure everything is sealed tightly. This goes for the windows and the screens. Even the smallest holes will allow bugs to enter your RV.

Inside your camper is everything that mosquitoes and other insects need to survive – food and water. When storing food, make sure you’re sealing containers tightly. Clean up crumbs after you’re done eating, and make sure that you’re not leaving food out for a long period. Don’t keep your trash directly outside of your RV either, as that can attract more bugs.

It’s hard to keep mosquitoes totally out of your RV when you’re opening the door and going in and out to get snacks or other things.

That’s why it’s recommended to keep a fan running inside your camper. Mosquitoes aren’t skillful flyers, and it will be hard for them to navigate with the wind. At night, keep all the lights off in your RV so that you’re not attracting mosquitoes right to your sleeping place.

You can also implement a Dynatrap® indoor trap. Simply plug into any outlet in your camper and discreetly catch the flying insects that make their way inside. It uses light to attract insects, day and night. Once drawn to the device, the glue card securely traps them. The best part? Trapped insects are hidden from view, so you'll never have to see them.

Reinforcing Your Tent

Much like your RV, you want to inspect your tent before going camping inside of it. Look for any holes around the edges of it. Be sure to check the tent for any tears or rips. This is a good time to also inspect that the zippers are working correctly and completely seal when zipped up.

After you set your tent up, be sure to keep it zipped whenever you’re not going in and out of it. The best tents have mesh over openings and doors so that it’s as bug-free as possible. When entering and exiting your tent, open the zipper as little as you can while still being able to get through.

Don’t store food or trash around the tent. If you do decide to store food in the tent, make sure that it’s sealed and properly stored so that it isn’t drawing bugs inside. Artificial lights will also attract bugs, so when you’re not in the tent make sure that all the flashlights/lights inside of it are turned off.

You can also use the Dynatrap® Mosquito Repellent device to repel mosquitoes away from your tent! This battery-powered, portable device uses a natural blend of essential oils to push mosquitoes away. You can bring this device anywhere you go - no plugs needed!

Where you set up your campsite is important to prevent mosquitoes. Learn more about it here.

Defense from Dynatrap Wherever You Go

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