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How To Bug-Proof Every Room in Your House

keep bugs out of your home

When it comes to getting rid of flying insects in your home it might seem overwhelming. Bugs are attracted to different places all over your house – so, how are you supposed to deal with these pests as they intrude areas of your home? Thankfully, here at Dynatrap®, we have indoor flying insect solutions for every area of your house. Learn what steps you can take to make each room in your house less attractive to pests, plus solutions to eliminate them.

Prevent Bugs in Your Kitchen

When it comes to places in your house that attract insects, your kitchen is one of the top spots. Food, crumbs, and water make the kitchen a perfect place for flying pests to swarm. It also provides a place where they can build their nest and reproduce with easy access to the essential things they need.

Flies, fruit flies, and moths are some of the most common insects that you’ll find in your kitchen. It’s vital to keep these bugs out of your kitchen before they start infesting your pantry, cupboard, and drawers. Here are some things that you can do to protect your kitchen space:

  • Proper Storage – By sealing food and making sure the items in your pantry are tightly shut, you’re preventing pantry moths from finding food.
  • Cleaning Crumbs – Wiping appliances after using them, along with sweeping the floor and cleaning tables regularly can help reduce the number of insects coming into your kitchen.
  • Hide Fruits & Vegetables – When you keep fruit out on the counter, it might look nice, but it also looks like a feast for fruit flies and other insects. Place fruit in your cupboards or fridge.
  • Doing Dishes – When you leave dishes out, you’re allowing insects to eat off your plates. Don’t let them sit in the sink; wash them immediately or put them in the dishwasher.
  • Seal Window Screens – If you like to bake with the windows open, make sure that your screens are secured and that there aren’t any holes that bugs can fly through.
  • Use a Dynatrap® Indoor Insect Trap The sleek, discreet trap will effortlessly blend in with any décor. When you factor in the whisper-quiet fan, you won’t even notice it’s there. The trap can be AC or USB powered so you can easily plug it into any outlet in your kitchen or any other room in the house.

Keeping your kitchen protected from insects can help keep them out from the rest of your house, so it’s crucial to act as soon as you notice the problem.

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Bug-Proof Your Bathroom Like a Pro

Like kitchens, bathrooms are attractive to insects because of their moisture. In these spaces, they don’t need to search for water, so they can take up residence in this room of your house for a while without having to leave for other things. Here are some things that you can do to help flying pests stay out of your bathroom:

  • Avoid Leaving Puddles – When you leave puddles, you’re creating a space that instantly attracts all sorts of bugs.
  • Check Pipes – Leaky pipes and fixtures can be a problem that causes moisture in this small space. Fixing these can help with preventing insects.
  • Clean Bathroom Weekly – By making sure that you’re keeping this space frequently cleaned, you’re lowering the chances of insects finding it attractive.
  • Using a Dynatrap® Indoor Fly Trap This indoor trap is used to catch any of the bugs that make their way into your bathroom or any room! It effortlessly blends in with any bathroom design and works as a nightlight too.

Bug Prevention in Every Room

In addition to being attracted to kitchens and bathrooms, attics, garages, and basements are some other common areas to find insects. These places are typically used for storing items and are often left undisturbed for longer than your main living areas. By regularly cleaning, vacuuming, and de-cluttering, you can ensure that pests aren’t taking advantage of these quieter places.

Flying insects can also get into other spaces of your home, like bedrooms and living rooms. Any areas that aren’t sealed well from the outdoors give bugs a chance to enter your home and invade your space. Making sure that the perimeter of your home is closed off with no holes or cracks, verifying that your windows/screens are in good condition, and checking for gaps around the framing of your exterior doors are quick and easy ways to prevent these pesky visitors.

To up your protection throughout your home, you can implement any of our Dynatrap® Indoor Traps. With a variety of colors and styles, you can place these traps anywhere in your home and let them do all the work of catching flying insects for you.

Defend Your Home From Insects

There are ways that you can protect your home from the inside out. When it comes to handling flying pests, you might feel overwhelmed. Here at Dynatrap®, we provide you with quality products and the latest information so you are well-equipped to protect your space. To stay up to date with our latest deals, products, and advice on keeping your house insect-free, sign up for our enewsletter!


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