Fall Trap Maintenance

Dynatrap fall maintenance

As the nights get cooler and the leaves start falling on the ground, you might think your season of fighting mosquitoes and other flying insects is over…and it ALMOST is. However, to get the most out of your DynaTrap®, there are a few things that you should do to make sure that your trap be good as new next season! So, before you bundle yourself up in layers and kick on the heat, be sure to take care of your traps this fall.

Outdoor DynaTraps

At the end of the season, you should turn your outdoor DynaTrap® off and unplug it from the outlet. This is a good time to empty your trap by removing the retaining cage and dumping the insects into an outdoor trash bag. Cleaning the retaining cage after this is important to ensure that it’s good to go for the next season. You can soak the cage in regular dish soap and water. As for the fan blades, you can use the provided cleaning brush, a wet washcloth, or a cleaning wipe to clean and dust off the remaining debris.

Depending on the temperature and your location, your DynaTrap® can get filled up with insects more quickly. As the cage becomes full, the trap will not be able to catch as much. That’s why we recommend emptying your trap every 1-3 weeks throughout the season. After you empty your trap, you should clean the cage and fan as well. Make sure to remove all attractants when you’re preparing to store your trap so that you aren’t luring any insects towards your home.

After cleaning your DynaTrap®, you’ll want to select a safe, dry place to store it through the winter. This can be in a garage, shed, or basement. Cover your trap to keep insects from hibernating inside of the trap, prevent dust, and stop moisture from accumulating in the trap itself.

Bulbs play a vital role in attracting the maximum number of insects to your outdoor trap. Sometimes, even when your bulb is emitting light, it’s not producing enough attraction for insects. Check your traps instruction manual for recommendations on bulb replacement, and how often you should be changing your bulbs to keep attracting insects. Stock up on the compatible replacement bulbs so that you can start the season fresh!

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Get Your Replacement Parts For Next Season!

  1. DynaZap® Replacement Bulb, silhouette
    DynaZap® Replacement Bulb
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  2. DynaZap® Replacement Bulbs, silhouette
    DynaZap® Replacement Light Bulbs - 2 Pack
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  3. Dynatrap® UV-LED Replacement Light Bulb (for Models DT162, DT1130)
    Dynatrap® UV-LED Replacement Light Bulb (for Models DT162, DT1130)
  4. DynaTrap® 6W UV Replacement Light Bulbs - 2 bulbs
    Dynatrap® 6W UV Replacement Light Bulbs - 2 Pack
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  5. DynaTrap® AtraktaGlo UV Bulb For FlyLight Indoor Insect Traps
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Indoor Traps

Indoor traps require maintenance just like your outdoor traps. Simply unplug your DynaTrap® DOT Indoor Flying Insect Trap or DynaTrap® Flylight Indoor Insect Trap, remove the old/full StickyTech™ glue cards, and store the traps in a safe place. This can be in a cabinet, closet, or somewhere where kids or pets cannot reach. You can even leave your indoor trap on throughout the winter season just in case any bugs try to find refuge in your home. Plus, the nightlight is an additional feature to enjoy all year long.

Indoor traps require Glue Cards that keep the bugs trapped in place. Without these cards, you won’t be able to catch the bugs that come inside your home. Depending on what indoor trap you have, you can stock up on StickyTech™ Glue Cards for your Flylight or DOT.


DynaShield® can be stored away for the winter, too! Turn the power off, remove the batteries, and throw out any old repellent pads. Keep your container tightly closed so that nothing can find its way inside the product. You can store this product in a well-ventilated place either inside or outside protected from weather and other outdoor elements.

For your DynaShield®, you’ll need to stock up on refill pads so that you can start next season off by repelling mosquitoes with powerful and effective essential oils. Be sure to have new batteries on hand to ensure that you can get your shield up and running right away when the nice weather returns.


Cleaning your Zapper at the end of the season is another step of fall maintenance. First, unplug the unit from the outlet. Then, remove the screws from the bottom to open the access door. Gently tap on the unit to get the insects to drop out of the bottom. You can also use a leaf blower, vacuum, or a similar device to get the insects out of the Zapper.

Bulbs aren’t only for our traps, they are also required for our Zappers to stay up and running during the season! Making sure you have a few extra bulbs on hand allows you to be prepared for your DynaDefense® even before the season starts.

Check out the best practices for taking care of your DynaTrap® product by visiting our tips for success page.

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Tips to Get Ahead of the Next Season

The best defense for the next bug season is being prepared. You don’t want to get a late start in defending your property when the weather gets nice and the bugs come out…so why not stock up now? Purchasing new outdoor or indoor traps can be a good investment to combat the season to come. Or, you could stock up on accessories. How do you power down your traps for the winter/fall? Let us know on our Facebook Page. Stay up to date with the newest updates and latest products from DynaTrap® by signing up for our e-newsletter.


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