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Backyard Camping Tips

backyard camping ideas

Camping doesn’t always mean escaping to the wilderness, sleeping in tents, and being totally off the grid. Camping can be whatever you want it to be. Turn your backyard into a campsite and enjoy the outdoor experiences right on your property! Learn the best ways you can camp in your backyard AND how you can make it a mosquito-bite-free experience.

Tips for Camping in Your Backyard

Camping in your backyard isn’t that much different than camping out in the woods or near a lake. When camping in your yard, you can set up your tent and bring out your camping supplies that have been stored away all winter long. This way, you can also check the state of your camping gear and see whether you need to replace anything before a real-deal trip.

When pitching up your tent, make sure that you’re on flat land. If you don’t have a lot of yard space that is flat, you can set up camp on your porch. You can even sleep in hammocks or swings if your property allows. Layer up blankets or even yoga mats to create makeshift beds that are certainly more comfortable than the hard ground.

Make use of the outdoor space and enjoy a meal on your grill. If you have a fire pit, you can bring the mountain pies and s’mores fun right to your home. Of course, the great thing about camping a few feet away from your house is how close your kitchen is – so you’ll never be under-prepared for snacks. Making food on your firepit can also remind you of the campfire that you’d make with the firewood you’d collect in nature – just with less effort.

One thing about camping out in the wild is that you can’t predict Mother Nature. You can’t do that in your backyard, either, but you can create a starry night even if there is a cloudy sky. Garden lights, fairy lights, or Christmas lights can be hung up around your tent, giving the ambiance of a starry sky lighting up your camping trip.

Just because you’re in your yard doesn’t mean that you’re safe from mosquitoes and other annoying outdoor bugs. Don’t worry, though, because Dynatrap® has you covered. By simply using the Dynatrap® Outdoor Insect Trap, you’re working to eliminate the threats of flying insects like mosquitoes. Combine your trap with the DynaShield®, a device that uses natural scent to repel mosquitoes. Push mosquitoes away from you, and right into your trap! Don’t let the flying pests ruin your camping trip, even if it is just in your own backyard.

When you camp in your yard, you’re creating a personal experience with the space you have and the resources that you want to use. It’s a great idea to get some fresh air and create some memories with your family, and perhaps even start a new tradition.

Dynatrap® Protects You

No matter where you are camping, in your yard, or the woods, Dynatrap® can help protect you from mosquitoes. Show us how you set up your backyard campsite on our Facebook Page. Be sure to subscribe to our e-newsletter to stay up to date with our latest products and the best tips to keep your space pest-free.

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